Basic movements of anti-cellulite massage

Basic movements of anti-cellulite massage

Women suffer from the “orange peel” and have been struggling with her decision for many years. To combat cellulite, you need not only dieting or playing sports, you also need a set of special measures, including anti-cellulite massage. Anti-cellulite massage is needed, as it has the right effect on fat globules, helps to get rid of them, making the skin look smooth and beautiful.

Those who tried the technique and did not get the desired effect, argue that such an activity does not bring results. So the methods or methods of influencing problem areas were incorrect. Let’s figure out how to deal with the “orange peel”, which specialists should be contacted.

The concept of cellulite

The description of cellulite looks like this: an orange peel is a fat globular cluster of cells with edema and dystrophy, which gather in certain parts of the body, often on the buttocks or hips, in the abdomen. Less common on elbow joints and knees. The consequences of such deposits is a deterioration in blood circulation.

In recent years, cellulite has become more common among the fair sex, starting at the age of 18. The reason is a large amount of sedentary activity, malnutrition, insignificant physical activity, hormonal disorders.

The process of splitting and removing fat is disrupted. In this connection, inflammatory processes appear, accumulation of excess fluid in the body, scarring of the tissue.

Cellulite and normal skin

Outwardly, this process manifests itself in the form of an “orange peel” at the indicated places. That is why we need a professional anti-cellulite massage, which is not general, but a targeted one, aimed at improving blood circulation and breaking down body fat.

Massage General

First of all, cellulite massage is a set of measures and techniques aimed at breaking down subcutaneous fat in problem areas. The effect is achieved by mechanical action, pressure, friction, pressing on parts of the body. To improve the result, special creams, gels or essential oils are used.

How is massage done:

  1. Massager using a special breaking nozzle.
  2. Manual massage is one of the most common and affordable methods of carrying out the procedure.
  3. Can. It is made using special vacuum cans, but in the salons they are replaced by vacuum machines.

There are various techniques that not only help to achieve the desired result, but also benefit the body:

Lymphatic drainage massage
  1. Pinch healing. It is useful in that it helps to establish blood circulation, restore metabolism. Painful, but the result of the massage therapist appears from the 10th procedure.
  2. Lymphatic drainage. It is performed only by professionals, as it is quite complicated. Cellulite zones during the technique capture, twist, wrinkle. Technology helps fight even the long-standing forms of cellulite.
  3. Another technique is warming up. This type is performed at home and, in addition to combating the crust, helps to lose extra pounds. The essence of the procedure is in wrapping, and after that, fatty tissues are broken by patting. The wrap has a beneficial effect on the deep layers of the epidermis, improves blood circulation, and returns muscle tone. Useful after exercise in the gym.

One of the well-known methods of combating the “orange peel” is also a bath. The body warms up, and internal processes begin to occur faster. A woman is able to independently handle problem areas using a massager or using honey.

The mechanism of action of massage

Massage from cellulite on the legs does not have a direct effect on adipocytes (the cells that make up the adipose tissue), so intense pressure on the fat deposits will not give the desired result. This can only achieve vascular damage and even greater fat deposits. The result is only correctly administered therapy, a healthy diet and exercise.

The action of anti-cellulite massage

What should be achieved from the procedure:

  • normalization of blood circulation for outflow of lymph;
  • blood flow in areas affected by cellulite;
  • normalization of metabolism, gas exchange;
  • accelerating the breakdown of lactic acid.

Therapy for legs and other areas is carried out manually, using a special device or the above techniques.


An effective anti-cellulite massage is the right effect on the body. A quality anti-cellulite massage by itself has the following effects:

  • helps the conclusion of stagnant fluid in the body;
  • excites fibroblasts, bringing them into an active state, which in turn provokes the production of collagen, makes the skin supple, elastic and externally beautiful;
  • if massage of the legs or other areas is done using special gels, creams, then the effect will be more productive;
  • with prolonged procedures, the figure becomes noticeably slimmer;
  • destruction of body fat occurs slowly but constantly;
  • massage is an effective and most effective way to saturate the body with oxygen, which helps to destroy body fat;
  • when losing weight, therapy is needed to prevent sagging of the skin after loss of part of the fat;
  • body cells are updated;
  • chronic stretch marks become pale and invisible;
  • muscle tone;
  • swelling of the legs is reduced;
  • blood circulation increases.
Anti-cellulite massage with oil

If excess weight is more than 10 kilograms, only this therapy will not give a result. To achieve the goal, you need to establish the right diet, increase physical activity and, starting to lose extra pounds, begin to fight cellulite. If the weight is normal, but you need to get rid of the “orange peel”, then massage from cellulite will help.

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At an older age, from 30 years, the destruction of body fat becomes more difficult. The process is natural, it is associated with the fact that regeneration slows down, and the tissues do not become as flexible as in their youth. Therefore, when losing weight, the skin begins to sag due to loss of elasticity. The therapeutic course is combined with the use of special oils and creams. And then the result will be tangible.


Anti-cellulite massage has certain contraindications. It also affects the deeper layers, activates increased blood circulation, which affects other areas of the body. Contraindications for anti-cellulite massage:

  1. Aneurysm – protrusion of the walls of blood vessels. Their increase during massage of blood circulation leads to negative consequences.
  2. During pregnancy or during lactation, it is forbidden to massage the abdomen, chest. After cesarean section, such a massage is possible only after six months, but individually, in some cases it is better to postpone the procedure for a longer time.
  3. With varicose veins, it is not necessary to carry out vacuum procedures. They are prohibited in diseases of the circulatory and excretory systems of the body.
  4. Sexually transmitted diseases.
  5. Purulent and inflammatory processes are contraindications to anti-cellulite massage.
  6. Severe skin diseases. Inverse effect on the layers of the epidermis exacerbates them.
  7. Inflammation, birthmarks and age spots in the areas of cellulite.
  8. It is worthwhile to wait with massage procedures during menstruation if it passes painfully or is accompanied by poor health. At other times, it is only possible without a direct effect on the stomach.
  9. With extreme caution, the procedure is performed with visible external damage to the skin: deep scratches, seams, cuts, cuts, bruises and bruises.
  10. The presence of metal implants in the body or pacemaker.
  11. Clotting disorder, atherosclerosis.
  12. Exacerbation of chronic infections and diseases.
  13. Oncological diseases.
  14. Colds, poor health, fever.
  15. Nervous Disorders.
  16. Tuberculosis, HIV and AIDS.
With varicose veins, anti-cellulite massage is prohibited

Massage procedures are not recommended near the inguinal region, on the inside of the thighs, and at the locations of the lymph nodes.


There are many varieties and techniques of massage to combat cellulite. Remember that anti-cellulite massage should be carried out in accordance with the established rules. If you do not know how to do it yourself, it is worth contacting a salon to a professional. In this case, a course of procedures will be selected for you, according to individual needs.

By the depth of the effect on the epidermis, anti-cellulite massage happens:

  • superficial;
  • local exposure;
  • therapeutic anti-cellulite procedure.

By the nature of the conduct:

  1. Manual or manual anti-cellulite massage is one of the most popular types. It is carried out without special devices, it is possible to use gels, ointments or scrubs.
  2. Dry method – grinding. It is carried out by rubbing dry skin with a special anti-cellulite brush, a terry towel or using a special mitten. The exposure area is processed in a circular, massage movements. You should not use a similar method on the abdomen, but it fights well with the “orange peel” on the buttocks and legs. It is important to understand that the fat will not dissolve and will not go anywhere, only the skin will return to normal. The frequency of the anti-cellulite procedure is 2 times a week.
  3. Lymphatic drainage according to the French method. It is considered one of the most effective types of therapy to combat cellulite. Helps in removing excess water from the body, exerting a direct effect on the lymphatic system. This anti-cellulite procedure helps relieve spasms. The effects are soft, wavy, stroking.
  4. Thai way. It affects the energy points of the human body. One session lasts 2 hours, sometimes longer. The recommended number of procedures is 1 to 15.
  5. Hardware Therapy. In the behavior of this anti-cellulite procedure, special devices are used. More recently, they were found only in expensive salons. Now compact devices help to conduct therapy at home. Depending on the manufacturers, they are divided by time and number of sessions.

There are different opinions about which methods are suitable for combating hated cellulite. The hardware effect wins in comparison with the manual one, but has a large number of contraindications. And the purchase of a device for home use upsets in terms of price.

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Rules for

Before carrying out the procedure at home, you need to learn the technique of performing anti-cellulite massage, how to properly do anti-cellulite massage at home, without harming the body, extracting the maximum benefit from the process.

For proper conduct, you can take a training course in a beauty salon. The specialist will show how to prepare the body for the upcoming procedure, introduce you to the correct movements.

The basic rules of anti-cellulite massage:

  1. Hardware or manual anti-cellulite massage is carried out 2 hours after a meal.
  2. Before proceeding to the procedure, it is worth going to the shower, the body should be steamed, the skin should be cleaned of impurities using a scrub or shower gel.
  3. Special creams to combat cellulite, oils, gels or other cosmetics are applied to the areas for anti-cellulite massage.
  4. The procedure should be started with soft stroking movements. No sharp jerks or intense rubbing. The end of the massage ends with exactly the same calm, relaxing procedure.
  5. Proper anti-cellulite massage does not mean excessive pressure on fat zones. Carry out the procedure carefully and accurately, without exerting pressure on the vessels. Effects are required strong, but so that the vessels are not injured. An indicator is the color of the skin. The correct one is pink, and the wrong one is red.
  6. The body is kept warm during the anti-cellulite procedure.
  7. The massage should not exceed 1 hour.
  8. Do massage up to 3 times a week.
  9. The number of procedures depends on the chosen technique. On average, varies between 10 and 30 sessions.
  10. The desired results will appear not only with constant massage, proper nutrition is observed and regular physical activity is required.
  11. Massage takes place on the basis of the outflow of blood from the lymph. For the arms and chest, the point is the armpit area, for the abdomen, hips and lower back – the groin area, for the legs – the popliteal hollow.
  12. Anti-cellulite procedures should be interrupted for the period of menstruation, with a cold or poor health.
  13. The lower abdomen and bikini area cannot be massaged.
  14. Before proceeding to the session, it is worth creating suitable conditions for the outflow of lymph: lie on your back, put a pillow under your head and neck for convenience.

Duration and number of sessions

Duration of anti-cellulite massage

The duration of the anti-cellulite procedure in one part of the body does not exceed 3 – 25 minutes. For the passage of the whole body takes, on average, 1 hour. Processing problem areas requires more time. The scheme of massage from cellulite at home by exposure zone:

  • for the neck, back and pelvis, approximately 20 minutes per zone;
  • chest and stomach – 18 minutes;
  • hands – 12 minutes each;
  • legs – for 10 minutes.

If you use a massager for cellulite, the time of the procedure is halved. For a better effect, use a special nozzle with large elements. This is a great way to increase blood circulation.

A good manual massage does not last less than 30 minutes on the whole body. It is worth checking with a professional what massage to choose for yourself.

Massage Products

During the course, ointments, creams or oils are used. There are products for continuous use and for calming the skin after anti-cellulite massage. Types of creams and ointments:

  • massage;
  • warming up;
  • cooling;
  • anti-aging;
  • lymphatic drainage;
  • preventive;
  • fat burning (special anti-cellulite);
  • corrective.
Massage Products

Scrubs to combat the “orange peel”, unlike ointments, do not have a surface effect, but penetrate the lower layers of the epidermis. Thus, the result becomes more noticeable. Scrubs exfoliate dead skin particles. Such cosmetics are used up to 2 times a week. Problem areas are gently rubbed with the product for 5 to 7 minutes. The use of a scrub is suitable for preparing the skin before wrapping or hand massage. Professional products help to remove even obvious manifestations of the “orange peel.”

As you know, essential and cosmetic oils, when used correctly, have an effective effect in the fight against cellulite. They are used for manual, hardware massage, wrapping and in the bath. It is required to add 3-4 drops per 50 milliliters of the basic substance. Also, oils can be used in pure form during the anti-cellulite procedure. Suitable oils to combat cellulite:

  • orange helps to remove improves metabolism;
  • grapefruit or lemon help to smooth the skin texture, help burn body fat;
  • rosemary improves blood circulation;
  • coniferous oils (fir, pine, juniper, cedar) have the property of resorption of fat deposits, have a softening effect, have anti-inflammatory properties;
  • oils from cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg improve blood circulation, accelerate subcutaneous processes.

Basic techniques of manual massage

Manual anti-cellulite massage

Manual anti-cellulite massage with the right approach will help get rid of the “orange peel”. Receptions are aimed at breaking down body fat and eliminating stagnant lymph. Even after the first procedure, volumes are reduced by 0.5 centimeters. But such results are achievable only with professional exposure.

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How to make anti-cellulite massage at home

  1. The skin is pre-prepared. The zones are treated with a scrub and wiped with a stiff brush, an ordinary terry towel is also suitable.
  2. The technique of anti-cellulite massage at home involves the use of a cream or oil, which are applied to heated skin with gentle stroking movements. On the hips and buttocks, it is better to use warming agents.
  3. The first movements warm the skin, prepare the upper layers of the epidermis. With an open palm, they stroke the skin of the legs and hips, a similar procedure is carried out from the inside. The warm-up time is 5 minutes. After, you need to start tingling, then moving the folds.
  4. After the plucking procedure, strips of skin are held down. A similar technique is used in Thai massage. If the massage with cellulite at home was carried out correctly, the indicator will be painful sensations and redness of the skin.

The procedure is carried out 2 times a week. If the anti-cellulite self-massage is complicated, then it is better to ask for help for a greater result.

Cupping massage at home

Can massage anti-cellulite

The technique of anti-cellulite massage is applied using special silicone jars that can be bought at the pharmacy. The vacuum device absorbs the skin, thereby improving blood circulation. Suitable for any part of the body: back, hips, arms or legs.

During a massage against cellulite at home in jars, it is also necessary to use essential oil with the effect of burning fat. The procedure takes 5 -15 minutes. Cream or ointment for massage is not suitable due to the fact that it is quickly absorbed and does not allow the jars to slide on the skin.

Before doing the massage, you need to warm up the body: take a shower, treat the skin with a scrub. After which, oil is applied to the treated area. Any citrus will do. The jar is squeezed at the edges, applied to the site, adjusting the suction effect, the edges are released. During carrying out there should not be intolerable pain. This anti-cellulite procedure helps to relax the muscles.

The problem area is processed in a circular motion for 5 to 15 minutes. After that, the direction of movement changes. When massaging the legs, it should be directed towards the kidneys so that the stagnant fluids leave the body faster. Vacuum massage ends on one’s own: relaxing massage movements of the treated areas.

To get the result, the course must include at least 10 times of sessions. Perform the procedure every other day.

Can massage

The principle of performing a massage of the abdomen using vacuum cans is the same as when processing other areas of the body. It is executed as follows:

  1. The skin warms up in the shower, scrub is used.
  2. Warmed oil is applied to the skin.
  3. It is required to squeeze the edges of the can, skin retraction should not exceed 1.5 centimeters.
  4. The zone is processed in circular motions from bottom to top. Do not get close to the inguinal area. The procedure takes up to 15 minutes.

Massage is required to be done 2 hours after a meal, but no later than 3-4 hours after the last meal. Carrying out during menstruation is not recommended.

Homemade hardware massage

There are mono and multifunction devices. There are devices with four nozzles and adjustable functions., There are also nozzles with plastic jars. Massage movements with vacuum rollers improve blood circulation. If you combine hardware massage with manual massage, the desired effect will appear faster.

Anticellulite massage:

Vacuum massage technique
  1. Vacuum technology involves the use of special nozzles in the form of jars. They affect the lymphatic system. It looks like using vacuum hand jars. Due to automation, the procedure is more efficient than manual. This technique is used to improve blood circulation, accelerate the removal of excess fluid from the body. Thus, swelling is removed and fat deposits are destroyed.
  2. Pressotherapy is a special technique of lymphatic drainage massage. It implies the presence of a costume consisting of inflatable parts. Such an anti-cellulite procedure is the effect of air pressure on the body. The technique improves blood flow, lymph flow, removes fluid from the body, normalizes metabolism. Technique involves alternating exposure to high and low pressure on the body. A session can last from 2 to 30 minutes.
  3. Microcurrent technology. It affects the body with weak electrical impulses. It is used to increase the tone, improve the condition and appearance of the skin.
  4. The galvanization technique is used to accelerate metabolism, improve the removal of fluid from the intercellular space. The effect is achieved by applying a low-voltage current to the skin.
  5. The technique of electroionophoresis. Its action is that special means for moisturizing and stimulating cells are introduced through the electrodes. Thus, the “orange peel” is removed and blood circulation improves.