Exercises for the upper part of the press

Exercises for the upper part of the press

A pumped press is the final touch in building a beautiful body. Even if the arms, legs or chest are imperfect, one flat tummy makes the figure much more attractive. In the process of losing weight, you should definitely include movements to work out the abdominal region. There are many interesting programs and techniques.

We bring to your attention effective exercises for the upper press. In this article you will learn how to exercise properly, and what are the advantages of an elastic tummy.

Why do I need a press

Why do I need a press

The muscles of the upper press are not only the beauty of the body, but also the health of the whole organism. There are several reasons for working through the abdominal muscles:

  • Spine protection. If muscle fibers are undeveloped, pressure on the spine increases significantly. The risk of lumbar collapse is increased.
  • Relieve muscle tension. After a hard day’s work, the lower back remains tense. Sleep does not help get rid of discomfort. In the morning the back starts to hurt. Workouts on the upper press help relieve unnecessary stress.
  • Improving endurance – improving athletic performance. In most sports it is very important to have a strong abdominal zone. Working out the press allows you to train more efficiently, reaching significant heights.
  • Normalization of the gastrointestinal tract. When training the press improves digestion. The problem of constipation and bloating is being addressed.

Exercise complex

You can become the owner of a strong upper press not only in the gym, but also at home. The main thing is to choose the right elements. The following exercises will help you achieve your goal.

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Twisting twists

Twisting twists
  • Lie down on your back.
  • The legs are bent at the knee joint.
  • We put our hands behind our heads in the “castle”.
  • Slowly pull the body up without lifting the lower back from the floor.
  • We do sequential turns to the right and left.
  • We rise with an exhale through the mouth. We go down – take a deep breath.

Note. It is enough for beginners to complete three approaches of 8-10 repetitions. After full development, increase the amount to 50.

Leg raises

Leg raises
  • We accept a vertical position.
  • Arms extended along the body. The palms are firmly pressed to the surface. The legs are straight.
  • We exhale, and slowly raise the limbs to form a right angle with the upper body.
  • We perform the exercise slowly. There should not be jerks.

Note. Over time, we reduce the angle – the load increases. The optimum rise is 45 degrees.


  • We take a horizontal position in the “string” position. Hands are extended behind the head. The body forms a perfectly straight line.
  • You lift the legs and the upper part of the body as you exhale. At the maximum point we fix for a few seconds.
  • We are slowly returning to the starting position.
  • In the process of execution, it is important to monitor the coordination of movements. Muscles must be fully developed.

Leg turns

Leg turns
  • We lay down on the gymnastic mat.
  • Straightened legs lift up at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • Slowly lower them first to the left, then to the right.
  • Beginners can perform an element when bent at 90 degrees. Gradually reduce the angle of inclination.
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How to increase efficiency

Effective pumping requires constant attention – you must strive to increase the effectiveness of each exercise. We take into account several points:

  • When working out the muscles, we pay attention to the anatomical features of the human body. In the process, we monitor changes that cannot be rolled back.
  • Do not forget about nutrition. We use exclusively useful products. We make a balanced menu for the week , month. You can use a comprehensive diet.
  • We do not focus only on the muscles of the press. We monitor the pumping of other parts of the body, too.

It is necessary to follow the above points. Otherwise, the result may not be – the press does not pump up, and the fat deposits will remain in place. Experts recommend supplementing the main program with other loads. Cardio exercises are great . Only 20 minutes daily will be enough for the desired effect.


High-quality study of the press is possible in any conditions. It is not necessary to use special sports equipment. It is enough to have a small bench at home on which you can do twisting or pulling up.

Mandatory attribute, without which no workout is possible – gymnastic mat. Exercises should be on a flat and hard surface. Sofas and ottomans will not work. When the muscles get used to the load, you can buy pancakes from the bar. They increase the complexity of the element, help to constantly keep the muscles in good shape.