Gymnastic wheel for the press

Gymnastic wheel for the press

Both women and men dream of having an elastic press. To realize this dream, there are many different ways and devices. One of them is a press roller, which is a small wheel, both sides of which have handles. Before you buy a gymnastic wheel, it is worth analyzing a variety of offers on the market.

It is equally important to properly assess their own capabilities. Then it remains only to purchase a roller and choose suitable exercises for a press with a wheel. The best option is to attend classes with an experienced instructor. Such a competent approach will allow you to correctly and quickly pump up the press with a roller and become the owner of an elastic abdomen.

Varieties of rollers for the press

The gymnastic wheel for a press differs in a simple design. This type of simulator is a convenient handle divided by a wheel into the right and left halves exactly in the middle. Thanks to this design, it’s very comfortable to hold the gymnastic roller in your hands.

It is worth noting that the apparent simplicity of this device does not mean low efficiency and lack of benefits for the athlete. Having correctly selected the gymnastic wheel along with a set of exercises, you will be able to perfectly strengthen the triceps and pump the muscles of the back and abdomen.

Fitness wheel is presented in a wide variety of models, the most popular of which are presented in the following table:

Rollers for the press
Model namea brief description of
One and two wheeledSports wheel with one or two circles. The second circle facilitates the process of mastering any exercise, because when working with the wheel to maintain balance on their own no longer have to.
With return mechanismA special sports simulator with a wheel and a return mechanism helps to eliminate muscle overload, reducing stress on the lumbar spine. And therefore, working on such a video will be very useful for beginners.
Tensioner trimmerIn this case, the trimmer is called the design of the simulator in the form of a double wheel with a flexible fixed cable. When working with such a gymnastic apparatus, the main emphasis is on the press and on the lower extremities, since the back of the cable is attached to the legs.
With pedalsA sports wheel with handles and pedals helps to pump up the press and develop the muscles of the lower extremities.
With a displaced center of gravityThe original sports equipment with a shifted center of gravity is simply ideal for experienced athletes. Such a press wheel is characterized by an increased level of complexity, and also requires the application of effort in the process of performing exercises.
The program is developed by a fitness instructor

In addition to the competent choice of a wheel for working out the press, you will need a special training program, which should be developed by an experienced instructor. Only a competent trainer will be able to correctly assess the level of physical fitness of the student, to identify the level of his capabilities and needs.

Muscle workout

Despite the apparent simplicity, the gymnastic roller helps to work out a significant number of muscle groups. To do this, you do not need to expose yourself to hard training, just select 6 or 8 exercises that will increase the stretching of different muscle groups, as well as increase endurance with strength.

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But you need to do the exercises with the press wheel correctly, and also repeat them a certain number of times. In the process of training, various muscle groups are worked out. First of all, the following departments are included in the work:

  1. Back. In the process, the wheel for gymnastics gives a tremendous load on the muscular back corset. Basically, the latissimus and lumbar muscles are involved.
  2. Chest. Proper training with a wheel helps to strengthen the muscular corset of the chest, although to a lesser extent than the muscles of the back.
  3. Shoulders. As the exercises are completed, the gymnastic wheel allows you to load the shoulders, which become stronger after several exercises.
  4. Stomach. Thanks to the roller, oblique muscles are strengthened, which intensively “work” when performing exercises with body flexion and extension.
  5. Legs and buttocks. In this case, the muscles of the lower legs and thighs, which usually have static loads, are most involved.
  6. Neck and arms. If the press is correctly pumped using a roller, it will be possible to apply a load to the muscles of the arms and neck.

In addition to all of the above, exercises for the wheel help to work out skeletal muscles, strengthen joints and spinal column. Thanks to such a full-fledged training, it will be possible to pump up the muscle corset of the whole body. Especially in cases where it is correct to swing a press with a wheel.

10 most effective exercises for the press

Experts have developed various exercises with a roller that perfectly help strengthen the abs and work out the muscles of the whole body. The initial acquaintance with the video should start with simple exercises like the “bar”. In addition, more than one set of exercises for women is known, and it focuses exclusively on female muscles.

Training complexes for men have also been developed, which helps to competently work out all muscle groups. Starting with simple exercises, you should gradually switch to complex roller training, which involves the entire muscular system of the body.

In addition to the choice of exercises, it is equally important to correctly select a high-quality gymnastic roller with rubberized handles. Of course, you won’t be able to quickly master the press roll the first time. And therefore, some exercises are initially useful to practice on fitball.


The bar is great for pumping the press and helps strengthen the stabilizing muscles. Also, with the help of this exercise, it will be possible to quickly master the gymnastic roller and develop an internal sense of balance.

It is recommended to fulfill the bar according to this algorithm:

Lath with a press roller
  • stand on all fours in front of the roller and hold hands with it so that the palms are pointing down;
  • raise the body to the position of the bar and straighten the back, knees and legs in a strict line;
  • Holding onto the roller trainer, try to hold the body for at least 30 seconds in the accepted position.

The first time such an exercise will not be easy. But over time it will become easier, because the gymnastic roller helps to pump up muscles perfectly.

Hire from the knees

Having mastered this exercise, it will be easy to strengthen the muscles. At the very beginning, rentals should be done using a flat pad or towel to protect your knees from bumps.

The wheel is rolled correctly as follows:

  • you need to kneel down, grab the roller and stretch out your arms;
  • tighten the muscles of the press so that it does not bend in the lower part of the back;
  • roll forward slowly and then return to your previous position.
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The rental length should be selected independently. Exercise should not cause discomfort or pain. In the opposite position you need to return solely due to the muscles of the abdomen. The presented gymnastics will help strengthen the press, with its help it will be possible to move to an increased level of difficulty in working with the wheel.

Rolling from knees with a roller for a press

Wall Rental

The correct technique for performing this exercise involves using the wall as a support and will be an excellent choice to start classes.

Rentals with a wall consist of several simple steps:

  • you need to stand in front of the wall at a distance of a meter;
  • while holding the gymnastic wheel, make a gradual rolling from the knees;
  • continue rolling until the wheel collides with the surface of the wall;
  • slowly return to starting position.

Using a wall will help ease rolling and will be beneficial for the back and abs.

Frontal rentals with narrow and wide stance

Mastering rentals is a difficult task that only trained athletes can accomplish.

They are performed on the wheel in accordance with the presented algorithm:

  • put the shell on the floor, set the legs at a shoulder-width distance, and then bend and grab the roller;
  • start rolling until the body is horizontal to the floor surface;
  • return to original position.

As you master the rental, you need to gradually reduce the distance between the legs, which stimulates the study of the muscular mass of the whole body.

Oblique rentals

Slanting rolling with a roller for a press

Performing these exercises with a gymnastic roller for the press, it will be possible to perfectly strengthen the oblique muscles of the abdomen.

Properly perform the rental as follows:

  • kneel down and grab the roller;
  • rolling should be done slowly, and then gently turn at an angle of 45 degrees;
  • return to the starting position and repeat the presented exercise with a turn in the other direction.

Hire should be done slowly and carefully, trying to ensure that all movements are measured and smooth.

Hand exercise

Among the vast number of exercises, this option is considered quite complicated. It increases the degree of load on the muscles and is performed in several steps:

  • kneel down and set the wheel in front of you;
  • bend at the waist, holding the simulator handle with one hand;
  • move forward slowly and smoothly.

Holding hands on the sports wheel for the press, you must try so that the body does not move to the side. For balance, it is allowed to adhere to the surface of the floor with your free hand.

Roller Exercise

Leg exercise

After mastering the rental with both legs, it is necessary to gradually move on to the study of rental with one leg.

When it is performed, muscle stabilizers work:

  • you need to stand up straight, bend at the waist and grab the projectile;
  • stretch out your arms, straighten your back and move forward a little;
  • raise and straighten one leg, and then complete the rental.

Repeat the exercise with the other leg. You can watch the execution technique in the following video:


For the crease exercise, you will need to purchase a roller with special pedals. In the process of its implementation, the shoulder girdle, arms, oblique muscles of the abdomen and muscles of the press are being worked out.

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Perfect for girls and performed this way:

  • it is necessary to fix both feet in special devices;
  • make the bar, keeping your arms straightened straight;
  • keeping the upper body motionless, perform movements with the knees forward to the chest and back to the starting position.

Outwardly, it looks as if a person “shakes” the roller, rolling it on the floor surface with its feet.

Oblique fold

Press Roller Exercise

Such a fold is a variation of the above exercise with a gymnastic wheel. Helps to efficiently build up the abdominal muscles and is performed as follows:

  • set the feet on the steps and run the bar;
  • roll the wheel to the side from the position of the bar, slowly approaching the left elbow;
  • return to the starting position and repeat the turn in the opposite direction.

Regularly performing an oblique fold, it will be possible to achieve a beautiful waist and elastic press.


In this case, we are talking about the variation of the fold, only the legs here need to be kept straightened. In the process of training you need to perform the following actions:

  • to fulfill the bar, fixing both feet in the fixtures of the roller;
  • slowly roll the roller wheel to the top of the body, bending the body at the waist and lifting the hips up;
  • return to the previous position.

Roll the roller this way regularly, and very soon the press will become truly perfect. The main thing is not to rush and do everything gradually.

Safety regulations

Slow rolling with a press roller

Most beginners often find it very easy to deal with the video. But in fact, this simulator requires the practitioner to make great efforts and comply with the following safety rules:

  • when working with a wheel, one must not allow deflections of the body, and also allow the knees to touch the surface of the floor;
  • to deal with the press wheel correctly – to perform slow rentals;
  • in the process of training, the back and arms with legs should be kept straight and try to swing the press extremely correctly with the wheel without bending;
  • Carrying out the bar and working with other exercises, it is necessary to carefully ensure that the movements are carried out using the wheel, and not a mat placed under it;
  • it is necessary to concentrate on the muscles of the press and stop training with the appearance of pain.

If you do not follow these rules and do the exercises with the press roller incorrectly, there is a high probability of injury.

It is also necessary to consider that the presence of an intervertebral hernia and other back problems is a contraindication for working with a scooter, so you should consult a doctor about the possibility of such classes.

Features of working with a wheel for beginners

A variety of exercises with a wheel will help to work out the press and muscles of the body, but only with a competent approach to the training process, in compliance with the technique of performing the exercises.

Warm up before class with a roller

That is why in working with the video for beginners, you must adhere to the following list of recommendations:

  1. Workout should begin with a good workout. Since the exercises with the wheel are quite intensive, the warm-up is always required.
  2. Number of classes. In the absence of experience with the video, practice 1-2 times a week. Then you can attend training up to five times or more. The same goes for repeating any exercises with the roller.
  3. Doing exercises. Regardless of the type of exercise, you must try to perform it smoothly, measuredly and without jerking. It is also very important not to rush, because the speed in this case is not needed.
  4. The end of the workout must be completed by stretching. It will further warm up the muscles and eliminate the risk of accumulation of lactic acid.

How to choose the right roller for the press

You should also take seriously the issue of choosing a video. It should be appropriate for weight, allow jerking movements and support the body. It is best to start with a roller with a double or wide and rubberized wheel.

When purchasing a gymnastic roller, it is very important to correctly evaluate your own abilities and level of physical fitness. For beginners, a weight training simulator with a return mechanism is best, and for experienced athletes with pedals.

A rich variety of models will allow you to choose the most suitable option for anyone. The main thing is to adhere to the basic safety rules and try to select the exercises with the roller competently.