Rubber exercises for women at home

Rubber exercises for women at home

Fitness gum – a universal sports equipment for training in the gym or at home. Many do not take it seriously, but in vain. A simple elastic tape is effective in reducing weight, and also helps to get rid of cellulite and sagging skin.

When Pilates  or aerobics do not give the desired result, pay attention to exercises with an elastic band for women at home. It is not necessary to exhaust your body with jogging or heavy weights. Small sports equipment will help to achieve your goal.


The gum has a lot of name: expander, elastic tape, etc. During training, provides an increased load on muscle fibers. It has universal significance – the use for the study of any muscle groups. The result is a complex effect on the whole body.

Note. Fitness gums come in different stiffnesses. Novice athletes are advised to choose models with a low load and gradually increase the difficulty.

For full classes it is best to buy a set of expanders, consisting of products with different levels of stiffness. This will allow not only to deal effectively, but also to simultaneously pump several zones at once.



The use of gum for women at home provides numerous benefits:

  • Increased muscle tone. Creating a beautiful, athletic body without the unpleasant “orange peel.” Elements with an expander work efficiently and comprehensively on the legs, hips, shoulders, arms, chest, abdominal region.
  • Compact and light weight. Inventory can be taken with you on a business trip or on a trip. It easily fits in a bag, taking up a minimum of space.
  • Uniform load on the muscles without the constriction of the “dead” zones. The ability to independently control the intensity of the study.
  • The gum is great for light workouts without affecting the articular parts. The expander can be effectively used when working out the hip and gluteal areas without performing classic squats / lunges.
  • Gum has a different level of resistance. You can adjust the load according to the physical capabilities of the body. If one inventory is not enough, we use two closed tapes for the exercise at the same time.
  • The ability to perform any classic exercises. When you need to complicate an element, the device does its job perfectly.
  • Rubber expanders are effective in any fitness program. Even aerobic exercise at home  can be enhanced with compact sports equipment.
  • Low cost. A set of tapes with varying degrees of stiffness in any sports store will cost.
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The best exercises with elastic

The best exercises with elastic

Elastic band – basic equipment. But it is he who provides the most powerful load on all muscle groups. We offer several effective exercises that will restore tone and help adjust volumes.

For shoulders

  • Become straight. We place our legs at the level of the shoulder girdle.
  • In each hand we take a fitness gum. We fix on the legs.
  • Bend the legs slightly in the knee joint.
  • We bend at a slight angle. It is advisable to bend 45 degrees.
  • In the accepted position, the hands should be between the knees apart.
  • We exhale and stretch our arms out to the sides, while raising them.
  • When the hands form a straight line and are in parallel with the floor, we linger for a few moments.
  • Slowly returning to the starting position.

Useful advice. The recommended number of repetitions is 15-20 times. We do no more than three approaches.

For hands

  • We sit on the gymnastic mat.
  • Legs are slightly bent at the knee joint and rest against the middle of the fitness tape.
  • We fix the ends with our hands.
  • In the accepted position, we twist to the side. We try to spread our arms as hard as possible.

For breast

  • The rubber band expander is fixed at one point located above the head at a height of 20-30 centimeters.
  • Lower limbs slightly apart.
  • We take the edge of the rubber loop with one hand. Another at this time is laid on the waist.
  • We draw out the inventory with a fully straightened hand, trying to describe an imaginary circle.
  • At the final point, the hand should be in front of the body.
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For the back

  • We set the tape so that both edges remain accessible, and the center is firmly fixed.
  • Starting position – standing.
  • Arms extended forward. We bend them in the elbow joint. Pull the elastic to the belt.
  • During the exercise, the body is not tilted – we maintain static.

For the press and waist

  • The gum is securely fastened to the door jamb.
  • We take the free edge with our hands.
  • Slowly, without sudden movements, we bend in different directions.

For legs and buttocks

  • We take two ribbons.
  • We place one at the ankle level, the second – in the hips.
  • We sit down a bit. Legs at the shoulder girdle.
  • Having fixed ourselves in this position, we take several ordinary steps in different directions.
  • For the desired effect, three approaches are enough.



So that training with elastic band for women at home will give good results, we follow a few tips:

  • For each element, the standard number of approaches is three. The number of repetitions is 15-20. Beginners can start with less, increasing the load at regular intervals.
  • Integrated body design. It is advisable to devote each workout to a specific part of the body. Alternating the use of different muscle groups allows the body to recover faster.
  • We combine the load on the same muscle groups. Variety allows the muscles to be constantly in good shape.
  • Training with fitness gum at home should be combined with proper nutrition or a comprehensive diet. For a quick result, it is recommended to add cardio loads.

There are a huge number of training programs and devices for their implementation. Fitness gum is the easiest and most affordable option. If there is no way to use dumbbells, or doctors forbid some types of gymnastics, try this format. Great mood and fast results are guaranteed.

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