Shoulder exercises at home

Shoulder exercises at home

Any young man dreams of beautiful, embossed shoulders. In combination with a pumped-up body, the figure acquires a beautiful V-shaped silhouette, which invariably attracts the attention of the beautiful half. If you dream about it, but there is no way to visit the gym, do not give up your dream. You can do your body at home, achieving no less spectacular results.

Shoulder exercises at home are a great opportunity to create your dream figure without serious investment and comfort. You can build a program, both with the use of special equipment, and without it. Try it, and we will help you with this.

Training Rules

  • Good workout. Neglecting this stage is categorically impossible. To avoid injuries, sprains, before strength training, you should definitely warm up your muscles. For this, classic hand swings without weights and other elements for working out this particular area are suitable. How to understand that the body is ready for the main program? A slight sweat and blood flow to the shoulders should appear.
  • Competent execution. Each shoulder exercise should be performed in accordance with established technology. Accuracy and coordination is a prerequisite for a successful upgrade.

Note. If you move incorrectly, the risk of injury increases several times.

  • From general to specific. It is correct to carry out first the base, which involves the shoulder girdle as a whole, and then – isolated movements aimed at the study of individual muscle fibers. With this approach, a thorough study of all muscles is achieved.
  • Muscle failure. Proper weight selection plays a huge role. If exercises with dumbbells are performed , then we take the projectile that will allow us to make the element with maximum effort, but without breaking the technique.
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Best exercises

Best exercises

What exercises are best included in the training program? Today there are a huge number of movements, each of which is effective in its own way and allows achieving significant results. We offer some of the most optimal for working out shoulders at home.

Upside down

  • We rest our palms on the surface at shoulder level. Distribute the weight evenly.
  • The body is pulled as much as possible. The pelvic area is slightly pushed forward – we make a small deflection in the lower back. For added security, you can touch the wall with your socks.
  • We make a deep entrance, we go down, bending our arms in the elbow joints.
  • In the lower position, we linger for a couple of seconds.
  • On exhalation, lift the body up.

Useful advice. Before performing it is necessary to learn how to do a handstand and properly maintain balance. This will allow push-ups as competently as possible.

Elevated push ups

  • We rest on the palms of the hands. The distance between them is determined, depending on the goals of the workout.
  • We put our straightened legs on a hill, for example, a sofa, a stool, a gymnastic ball.
  • On a deep breath, slowly lower the case down, performing a push-up. We keep the back as flat as possible at this time.
  • On exhalation we rise to the starting position.

Side Dumbbell Wiring

  • Become straight. We take in our hands dumbbells or any other weighting materials that are available at home, slightly bending the limbs at the elbows.
  • We do swings to the sides and up. At the highest point, at the level of the shoulder girdle, the thumbs should look at the floor.
  • Then slowly lower your hands down. It is important to do this smoothly to avoid various injuries.
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Mahi with dumbbells in front of you

  • In a standing position, weights are held in straightened arms, always in front of the hips.
  • Alternately, with different hands we make swings – we raise up to form a line parallel to the floor.
  • Lower one hand and immediately raise the other. Repeat the required number of times.

Chin Dumbbell Cravings

  • In a vertical position, weights are held in fully straightened and lowered hands.
  • We pull our arms up to the level of the base of the cervical spine. Elbows direct to the ceiling.
  • Slowly returning to the starting position.



Any training program over time ceases to be effective. Muscles get used to the load. It is necessary to regularly change the set of exercises, add new elements, increase weights. Also, experts recommend paying attention to your diet. The transition to proper nutrition, diet-drying  will achieve more significant results and a beautiful relief.