The best simulators

The best simulators: how to recognize them?

To have a sports, sexual appearance is a normal desire of every person. A healthy lifestyle plus playing sports is the shortest path to achieving an ideal. However, regularly visiting the gym is problematic – many of us simply do not have time for this. Is it really necessary to part with the dream of a slender, toned body? Of course not. The best simulators at our services are diverse, home, sports friends.

After making a fateful decision to buy a simulator, we are faced with another question, which is also very important. How to choose a simulator for home? How to choose a friend for the struggle for harmony, attractiveness, beauty? This is a rather complicated matter. For example, in the gym there are many different simulators – each for a specific muscle group. It is impossible to put so many simulators home – it means you need to choose one, the most effective.

The best simulators are those that allow you to work out the necessary, difficult muscle groups responsible for the silhouette of the figure. What will be your home “pet”: cardio or strength, large, small – depends on several main components.

Which is the best exercise machine to choose for homework?

Exercise machines are divided into two groups: cardio and strength.

If the main task is to lose weight – choose a cardio simulator. If the task is to build muscle – then you need a power plant.

Cardiovascular machines, as a rule, are more compact, they are easier to place in the apartment. Power can be more voluminous, multifunctional, with removable parts. Choosing a cardio simulator is somewhat simpler than power. I propose today to talk specifically about choosing a power simulator. Which is the best simulator or powerplant to choose, how to place it right?

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Strength home fitness equipment: starting to choose

Weight trainer

With the help of power plants, individual muscle groups are worked out, muscle mass is being built up. Home power simulators are more compact than professional ones, which does not interfere with their multifunctionality. The weight of their power plates or disks most often is about 50 kilograms – this is enough for an effective home workout. How to choose a simulator for home so that the training takes place fully?

A good home power trainer should be stable as well as durable. Therefore, first of all, pay attention to what material the frame is made of. Best of all – if it is made of sheet steel. Pay attention to the cables – they must be made of steel, with a protective nylon sheath. The best home fitness machine is ergonomic, it should be convenient for you to exercise, weights must be easily removed and installed, the structure itself must be a transformer – it can be easily modified from exercise to exercise.

The best simulator for home: high-quality, compact

Now let’s pay attention to the dimensions. For the training to be successful, the weight trainer does not have to be big. Yes, of course, if you have the opportunity to equip a personal gym – great, at your service a long list of high-quality multifunctional weight training equipment.

Which exercise machine for home to choose, if space is limited – choose a small, compact, place it so that you can train, doing exercises in full strength and amplitude. Try to have this open space, not a narrow niche between the closet and the sofa. During training, fresh air is needed; make sure that there is a window or air conditioning near the machine. If you have a large covered loggia, then you can place the installation on it – it is convenient to practice, fresh air is provided.

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The simulator is new – new expenses

Think about your budget. When choosing an installation, do not chase large dimensions or multifunctionality. Think about what features you really need, abandon the model, equipped with a long list of various, most often unnecessary details in favor of simplicity and quality. Also, abandon the simulator of an unknown manufacturer, no matter how attractive the price may seem to you. New simulators are always more expensive than second-hand ones, as an option, you can walk around the classified sites and purchase a simulator from your hands, in good condition.

Which home exercise machine can replace an entire installation

If there is no place for the placement of the power plant, go another, proven way: think about how it can be replaced. We are accustomed to consider large-sized machines as simulators, unjustly forgetting about their “small” brothers. So what can replace a large power trainer? Just a few familiar tools at our disposal: horizontal bar plus push-up stops plus weights. These three simple representatives of sports equipment are enough to fully train.

New exercise machines – well forgotten old

Horizontal bar in a doorway

This is the most compact, convenient, effective, affordable simulator that will always find a place. Most often, horizontal bars of this type are made with a spacer system of fastening, equipped with a screw connection, thanks to which the horizontal bar receives sufficient force to support the weight of an adult pulling person. The standard spacing horizontal bar standard is about 120 kilograms of load.

Horizontal bar in a doorway

Stops for push-ups …

… will make your traditional push-ups five times more effective and exercise more convenient. With the help of these simple simulators, you can build triceps (narrow grip) and chest muscles (wide grip). Changing the position of the hands moves the load from the bottom of the chest to the top. Push-ups with stops – a good workout before exercises with weights.

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Two poody “girlfriends” will help to develop shoulders well, strengthen the shoulder, elbow, wrist joints, cardiovascular system. Solid weights are available in weight of 32, 24 and 16 kilograms. You need to start training with a pound weight, gradually increasing the load. Exercises with weights strengthen the muscular framework well, make the figure masculine, and promote the formation of muscles playing under the skin. Remember the circus athletes juggling kettlebells spectacularly – they look very impressive.

The horizontal bar plus stops for push-ups of a kettlebell plus is a good basic complex for those who monitor their health and body.

So, choosing a power simulator, proceed from its real “usefulness”, workmanship, reasonable price, free space in the apartment. Remember that the key to successful training is proper nutrition, a reasonable approach and regularity. And Schwarzenegger will envy you!